Lexus Certified Pre Owned Vehicles

The Highest Class of Pre-Owned Automobiles

To qualify for the "Lexus Certified Pre-Owned" designation, a Lexus must undergo numerous relentless mechanical and aesthetic inspections. Lexus demands that engine, transmission, suspension and electrical components must perform as they were originally designed to. Additionally, Lexus undergoes a stringent inspection of all interior and exterior finishes to ensure the highest level of quality.

All vehicles are required to undergo a comprehensive 131 point inspection before being deemed worthy to be a Lexus Pre-owned vehicle available solely through your Lexus dealer.

Of course, every "Lexus Certified Pre-Owned" purchaser is entitled to the privileges of Lexus ownership including a minimum of 24-Hour Roadside Assistance for a period of 2 years, and 2 year / 40,000km powertrain coverage from the date you purchased your Lexus Certified Pre-owned vehicle. An Optional "Lexus Certified Pre-Owned" Extended coverage is also available. Click here to learn more about Lexus Extra Care Protection Plans.

Whether you purchase or lease your "Lexus Certified Pre-Owned" automobile, you can depend on the exceptionally professional, attentive, courteous service for which Lexus is renowned.

It's no wonder "Lexus Certified Pre-Owned" automobiles represent the greatest value on the road today.

To view the 131 point Lexus Certified Pre-Owned checklist, please click here.