Welcome to Erin Park Lexus

Our History

We are very proud of our dealerships history, culture, and future business success. But before knowing where we are headed it is important to understand were we began.

Erin Park Toyota opened its doors in 1987 which was one of the first dealerships in the Erin Mills Auto Center. In 1991, we expanded to include the Lexus brand with the introduction of the LS400 and ES250 to Canada. Erin Park Lexus Toyota was created and the two brands worked side-by-side in the same location for over a decade.

Since 2001, Erin Park Lexus Toyota has been a family business which speaks to our dealerships culture. We are very proud of how the business has grown over the years which has reflected in our team growth. Over those years, Erin Park has grown more than 40% of its team to 200 team members from one dealership to two dealerships for a total of four locations.  All of our team members in all departments are responsible to support the company’s vision and continued growth.

Our Culture

Erin Park team members have a passion for cars in one way or another, but our business has changed. Over the years Erin Park has grown to become a people business and cars is what we are passionate about.

We have a great deal of intention in everything we do to build great relationships with other team members and our guest.

We expect our team members to care and support each other and our guests.