A look at Key Lexus Safety Technologies

June 28 2019,

A look at Key Lexus Safety Technologies

Lexus is known for many things. It’s known as one of the world’s most reliable and dependable luxury brands as confirmed by its multiple years sitting atop the J.D. Power initial quality survey, it’s known for comfort and refinement, it’s know for the craftsmanship inhering in its vehicles, and it’s also known for safety.

Lexus vehicles can warn you of a potential danger and intervene should you not react. Lexus safety technologies not only protect you, your vehicle, and your family, they also protect others around you. Here are a few key Lexus Safety technologies.


Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection


This system scans the road ahead for potential dangers including vehicles that stop suddenly and pedestrians who cross the road. Should the system detect that a collision is possible, it will warn the driver. If he or she doesn’t react, the system will apply the brakes automatically.


Lane Departure Alert and Prevention


Ever been distracted on the road and your vehicle suddenly swerved into the other lane? That won’t happen in a Lexus. The system scans the markings on the road and will warn you if it senses that you are about the steer off course. If you don’t react to the warning, the system can automatically adjust steering.


High-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control


High-speed dynamic radar cruise control is an advanced cruise control system that scans the road ahead of you when cruise control is activated, and will adjust braking, throttle and engine output to keep a pre-established distance with the vehicles ahead.

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