Awesome Customer Service

The service team at Erin Park Lexus is the best I have ever seen (other companies & industries take note) ... Anywhere! Under the leadership of Sid Amalsadvala, the team goes above & beyond the call of duty to make the entire experience great. I came to the dealership 8 years ago and have never left since.

Kudos to Erin Park!

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2015 Web Testimonial, Erin Park Lexus

2015 Web Testimonial

Web Testimonial, Erin Park Lexus

Web Testimonial


The level of customer service and engagement I have experienced at this location is unlike anything I have ever seen. Richard was ressourceful and provided the level of support I needed.

Great Customer Service

I don’t know a great deal about cars and Richard was very knowledgeable, great at explaining everything, and had a very positive attitude, making my visit a great and easy experience.

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